Samsung galaxy s9 is likely to boost up with processor

For the past two years we have seen a lot of improvements to Samsung’s galaxy line-up, and this season we will be treated to the Samsung galaxy s9. Filling the shoes of the wildly successful galaxy s9 is no mean feat, but knowing Samsung we are sure to be treated to another generation Smartphone tech. In this article I will examine the rumors that are currently circulating about what we can expect from the apparatus. Two decades back, a 1 GHz single-core chip was seen as the holy grail of processing power thanks to mobiles like the hatch want and first Samsung galaxy s. A year later, dual-core chips were released, as seen from the galaxy s9 and quickly became the standard in several manufacturers’ releases.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date is very likely to be the first mainstream Smartphone release to pack a quad-core chip. Because the processor is indispensable to the performance of several elements of the phone, expect to see the benefits throughout the hardware for example, touch screen responsiveness and applications loading times of programs and the speed of this port. It is expected that every core of the chip will be clocked at 1.2 GHz even though it is entirely possible that up to 1.5 GHz might be included. Until recently, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s reigned supreme when it came to the settlement of the touch screen due to the retina screen. Recently though, several handsets such as the sonny xeric s and Samsung galaxy nexus and notice came with displays which packed a resolution much higher than apple’s offering.

Samsung already has the res technology so that we are certain to find this moved to the galaxy s9 together with a potential increase in screen size over its predecessor. It is also widely expected that the galaxy s9 will maintain the s-amole capacitive touch screen of both predecessors, which can be well-known because of their wide viewing angles, brightness even if outdoors and color rendering. Although we can only speculate on the design of the Samsung galaxy s9 until it is officially unveiled, it is very likely that Samsung will continue with the aesthetics of the galaxy s9 but likely look to make it slimmer. Recent releases like the Motorola razor have put pressure on the competition to match or even outdo its 7.1millimeter thickness. Together with the features mentioned previously, the Samsung galaxy s9 is very likely to have a higher pixel count on its own camera, enhanced multimedia capabilities and of course the brand new version of the android operating system.